What I Packed for Australia

Let’s get something straight. Australia is an absolutely massive country/continent, and saying “here’s everything you need to pack in one bag for every possible scenario” is silly. That being said, it runs warm (like me), and with a little bit of research, you can narrow down what to bring.

I am a notorious over-packer, and that fact that I thought I was bringing only one backpack is a joke. On the one hand, I might be traveling for a year. On the other, I know that you’re really only supposed to pack for two weeks, accounting for laundry. I didn’t do that.

I’m departing for my adventure in November, and for those of you who have never seen a map, that means I’m heading in to the Australian summer. Aussies tend to be ~trendy~, so I tried to balance the idea of packing for a backpacker lifestyle, knowing that I might like options to look nicer. Read on for a list and brief description of everything I brought!

  • Osprey Farpoint 70L backpack – this pack comes in a smaller size, but I opted for the 55L main compartment, with a 15L detachable smaller backpack. This was my only checked bag, and I got mine on EBay because I didn’t like the current color choices available elsewhere.
  • Vera Bradley duffle bag – I added this college relic when I remembered I can’t pack lightly if my life depended on it. It was a necessary addition, and served as my carryon.
  • Large purse – could fit in duffle if I needed it to, but once I checked my bag, I was fine fo carry both bags. Relatively spacious, versatile, can hold my water bottle, which is really the most important criterion. Will likely use this day-to-day.
  • Small purse – little purse off of Amazon, mainly for going out, or if I really only need my wallet and phone.
  • Waterproof bag – shout out to CDT for the red Orbridge water proof bag. My intent is to use this on boat or other water-related adventures.
  • 5 x Shoes – don’t @ me, I know it’s a lot, but at one point I was contemplating bringing seven pairs, so it could be worse. Chacos, Converse, running shoes, Birkenstock’s, nicer sandals.
  • 3 x Dresses – one beach, one to dress up or down, one nicer
  • 3 x Rompers – after watching many a travel vlog, rompers seem to be the versatile item of choice. I plan to use these on evenings out, but could also be dressed down for day wear.
  • 6 x shirts – 4 day/nicer shirts, 2 T-shirts for working out/sleeping. And yes, I have big plans to workout while I’m on holiday.
  • 4 x tanks/blouses – intended for evenings or work, as needed.
  • 1 x long sleeve – a North Face sale item, immediately came in handy on the plane.
  • 4 x jackets – jean jacket, rain coat, lightweight down, warmer quarter-zip
  • 1 x black jeans
  • 2 x leggings – one black, one blue, both Athleta, pockets mandatory.
  • 2 x pants – same Target style, flowy stripes, one green, one navy.
  • 6 x shorts – one jean, two casual, two nicer, one athletic.
  • 7 x bras – two regular, three bralettes, two sports bras.
  • 12 x undies
  • 5 x socks
  • 4 x swimsuits
  • 1 x hat
  • 2 x microfiber towels- one for shower, one for beach
  • Cosmetics – I won’t go in to detail because I’m already tired of how long this list is, but basically this includes everyday essentials, first aid kit, emergency meds, allergy stuff, chapstick, etc. Enough makeup for basic needs, nothing more.
  • Water bottle – 2019 staff gift really coming in clutch.
  • 2 x sunglasses
  • Jewelry- watch, couple pairs of earrings, bracelets
  • 1 book – Bill Bryson’s In a Sunburned Country. I didn’t read it the first time I visited Oz, thought I would give it another try
  • 2 notebooks – because I’ll always have a love for hand-written notes, plus pen set
  • Electronics
    • iPhone and charger
    • iPad and charger
    • extra charger
    • Universal converter/adapter
    • power block and charger
    • knock off gopro and accessoraries (yeah I said it)
    • 2 headphones
  • Other/Miscellaneous
    • tide to go pen
    • flashlight
    • deck of cards x 2
    • assorted plastic bags
    • reusable bag for groceries, etc.
    • 3 locks – for hostels, bag zippers
    • shower caps to cover my shoes

I can’t imagine what I’ve forgotten besides the kitchen sink. I still have some room for additional goodies I pickup, but I’d also like to get rid of some things along the way. I wouldn’t have been able to bring what I did without packing cubes, including a last-minute run to REI for more compression cubes.

I made this list because I like to see what other people pack for their trips. Whether you have a trip of your own planned or just like to read lists, hope you’ve enjoyed!

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