I quit my job in November 2019 to travel for an unspecified amount of time to undetermined locations, starting in Melbourne, Australia. Find out where I end up!

November Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! At home, I would say Happy Holidays, but since here a holiday is a vacation, it doesn’t work quite as well. Although, I have been on vacation since the end of October, so I suppose Happy Holidays is fitting. After working for two and half years, it […]

2021: From Wine to Apples in Year 2

In February of this year, I quit my job at the honey factory in Bairnsdale on the east coast of Victoria, and moved to Myrtleford in the northeast, after landing a job at a winery. For the next three months, I would work as a cellar hand for the vintage season. This was the best […]

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