I quit my job in November 2019 to travel for an unspecified amount of time to undetermined locations, starting in Melbourne, Australia. Find out where I end up!

What’s Next?

*me, at the honey factory* September is the start is spring down here in Oz, so it’s been beautifully green and lush. So, what’s next? Well, I’m still working at the honey factory. After months of riding my bicycle, which I can’t reiterate enough how much I hated, I finally caved and bought a car.…

Winter is Here

I know that summer may not being going as you’d imagined, for better or for worse, but I didn’t think I’d be freezing to pieces in Australia. My internal calendar is officially upside down, as I’ve spent the last seven July’s in the hot sun of the Sierra Nevada mountains, and in addition to having…

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